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Building Custodial Worker

SIU School of Medicine
Job Description
Building Custodial Worker Positions Available

Position Overview: Employees in this position perform custodial work required in the
routine cleaning and upkeep of buildings. Also, responsible for upkeep, clearing and
cleaning of parking lots, stairs, courtyards and other access areas.

Minimum Qualifications: High School Graduate or Equivalent
Salary: $10.50/hr

To Apply:

Step 1: To check out our career opportunities located in Decatur, Jacksonville, Lincoln, Quincy
and Springfield, go to

Step 2: Click on “Employment” at the top of the page and select “Apply for a Job”

Step 3: In order to view posted vacancies, select a category to search for the career type which
interests you; then click on the title of the job for which you are interested

Step 4: Login or create an account
*Note: Please do not create an account if you have created an account in the past. If you do not remember
your login information, please click “login” and you will have the option to retrieve your username and
password using your email address. Or you may contact the Office of Human Resources.

Step 5: Review the details of the position including the “Minimum Qualifications” section and
the “To Apply For This Job” section

Step 6: Click “Apply for position” at the bottom of the page

Step 7: Click the “Start” button to complete the Job Source form listed under the job

Step 8: Complete all of the forms in the “Civil Service: Application Package” section; you may
also complete the forms in the “Voluntary Disclosure Forms” section

Step 9: Only if you are applying for a Nursing position, complete the Nursing Addendum in the
“Civil Service: Required Addendum” section

Step 10: Upload any documents that apply, such as transcripts, certificates, licenses and military
discharge forms using the “Upload Documents” links at the bottom of the page

Office of Human Resources
Phone: 217.545.0223
Fax: 217.545.1058

Equal Opportunity Employer
Background Investigation Required
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