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Chamber Advocacy Update

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March 05, 2018

The State of Illinois:

Wage Lien Act:

The Chamber has been monitoring the progress of Wage Lien Act HB4324 which would allow an employee to file a claim that he or she is owed back wages. Once a claim is filed, with or without any evidence of its reliability, liens could be placed on the business and personal property of the business owner, even if the claim is false and before any hearing is held.
This bill is very concerning. It is bad for business and the Illinois business climate. There are certainly fly-by-night businesses that are here today and gone tomorrow, who may not pay their employees, and need to be held accountable. However, this bill could penalize upstanding businesses throughout our state. To place a lien on the business and personal property of a business owner without even a hearing or evidence of the reliability of the claim is simply unacceptable.
The bill, if it becomes law, will also make it easier to collect on false claims. Companies often pay off the false claims instead of being subject to lengthy legal battles and large legal bills. It is easier and cheaper to pay the false claim, and those making the false claims know it.
The bill has passed out of committee. Now is the time to respond by contacting State Representatives to prevent this bill from advancing any further. The Illinois Chamber and the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce (GSCC) oppose this bill.
To express your opposition to HB4324, click on the following links to contact your representatives, as well as others around the state. Current House Members: or

The Fair Maps Amendment:

HJRCA0043 (House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment) was filed on February 26, 2018 by Rep. Ryan Spain and added Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Grant Wehrli and Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Michael D. Unes and has been referred to the Rules Committee.
The way districts are drawn is one of the most important functions of government as this determines how elections will be handled for ten years. Allowing legislators to draw their own districts has shown electoral consequences of politicians and political parties choosing their voters instead of voters choosing their elected officials.  The GSCC supports the ongoing effort to amend the Illinois Constitution and turn the process over to an independent non-partisan panel.

The City of Springfield:

Proposed Natural Gas Tax:

The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce submitted a letter to the Mayor and city Aldermen in opposition of the proposed 4% natural gas tax intended to help fill the City of Springfield’s budget shortfall. The letter, which was sent on Friday, March 2, can be viewed at the following link,


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