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Utility savings now available to Chamber members

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May 23, 2017
The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce is offering a new benefit to its members that could potentially save them hundreds or thousands of dollars in annual utility costs through a commercial energy cooperative (co-op) managed by CQI Associates.  The benefit is only available to Chamber members who receive their electric and/or gas services through Ameren.

The co-op leverages the power of a large group to negotiate a lower commercial electric and/or gas rate that a single business could not secure on its own. CQI Associates has 16 years of industry experience.

Today, more than 88 percent of large businesses in Illinois have switched to a third-party energy supplier to reduce costs.  The percentage is much lower for small-to-medium sized businesses because of a lack of purchasing power, leverage, support and expertise.  Large businesses use enough power to negotiate favorable rates. Small-to-medium sized businesses do not consume as much power as these large companies, and are not offered the best rates in the marketplace.  CQI Associates aggregates the kilowatt-hour (kWh) load of the commercial accounts, which reduces the overall cost.

The Chamber partnership with CQI puts small-to-medium sized businesses on the same playing field as its larger counterparts.  The benefits your business or organization receives when you join the commercial energy co-op are as follows.
  • Signing up for the service is easy and free to members.
  • Co-op members can expect to save about the equivalent of their July electrical bill and/or their February natural gas bill.
  • Members receive a fixed rate on electric and natural gas bills — guaranteed not to change during your contract term.
  • Deregulation has sparked healthy competition. As the energy market changes in the future, the Co-op will negotiate on the members’ behalf.
  • The Co-op offers options to obtain up to 100 percent clean, renewable, wind-powered electricity.
The Chamber’s mission to enhance our members’ success and advance our economy is met through programs like these that help businesses reduce their overhead and allocate those dollars to other needs or their bottom line.

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