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RN New Grad Residency

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Posted: 01/09/2022

Summer Residency is open for RN students graduating in May 2022!


Registered Nurses (RNs) are incredibly important members of the medical team who have the humbling task of caring for our patients. RNs not only provide high-quality medical care, but they also provide a healing touch and a compassionate presence to patients and their families during joyful, stressful and uncertain times.


Quality health care begins with developing our caregivers. The graduate residency program facilitates the transition of new nurses to professional practice with an eight- to 12-week orientation that combines classroom lectures, hands-on activities, clinical scenarios including simulation and support
of a highly-skilled education team. The program then transitions to monthly support sessions featuring topics that help strengthen and enable new nurses with skills and strategies to be successful in their clinical practice.
• Clinical experience with one-to-one expert preceptors
• Didactic and simulation practicum
• Master complex concepts using scenario-based training
• Development of critical thinking, judgment skills, prioritization and organization skills
• Integration into organizational culture
• Professional and emotional support
• Improved job satisfaction, engagement and retention



Experience preferred.


Certifications, Licenses and Registrations
Illinois: License pending in Illinois is required. Obtaining licensure within 45 days of receipt of Continental Testing Services (CTS) letter is required.

Wisconsin: Temporary Permit is required.  Obtaining licensure within three months of temporary permit issue date is required.  A temporary permit may be renewed once for an additional three-month period.

Basic Life Support (BLS) is required in both IL and WI. 


Alias Titles
RN License Pending | Registered Nurse License Pending

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