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Land of LIncoln Credit Union Fraud Alert

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Land of Lincoln Credit Union (LLCU) wants to alert the community to a fraudulent call that has been circulating among LLCU members. Several LLCU members have reported calls received where the number on Caller ID matches that of the LLCU Lincoln Line Telebank phone number. Additionally, the live person on the fraudulent call identifies as calling from Land of Lincoln Credit Union Fraud Department and then continues to ask for personal financial information, such as your account number.

Land of Lincoln Credit Union fraud department representatives want to warn the public that LLCU staff will always follow standard member identification protocols when calling (such as asking for previously established identity verification criteria) and an LLCU representative will NEVER ask a member to provide personal information, such as an account number, over the phone. If you, or anyone you know, receives a suspicious call, please immediately terminate the call and contact LLCU directly at 1-844-222-7788 or visit the nearest branch.

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