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10 powerful ways to give thanks with your leadership

We all have gratitude in our inventory, and all use it in different ways, at different times, and in different circumstances. Mr. Conant's 10 points score right in the middle of the Leadership Target.

  1. Honor people with your time.
  2. Hold better meetings.
  3. Actually say "Thank You".
  4. Provide opportunities to learn and grow.
  5. Give the gift of giving back.
  6. Offer to help.
  7. Choose the right goals.
  8. Listen like a leader.
  9. Make a promise.
  10. Be dependable.
Fill in the details of each of the 10 opportunities with your thoughts and suggestions as you blend your leadership with giving thanks. There are no right or wrong answers, and if you added your additional top two ideas to the above with your passion and commitment, how could you and all those you impact not benefit from that?

Note: If you'd like to read the original article, click this link:
Leadership and giving thanks. What a great blend as you build the success of your organization and business.

This article by Douglas R. Conant is a great message to share the same month as Thanksgiving.

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