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Pizza, pasta, salad and bread for four for only $35

Feed four for only $35

Call your friends and join us at Bella every Monday for hand-crafted martinis and appetizers for only $5 each!

$5 Martinis and Appetizers EVERY Monday

Our testimonies are of people with discomfort and fatigue, headache management, mental clarity, joint and lean muscle support, digestive and immune support and anti-aging & antioxidant support. The products also have a major focus on providing a stable, all-day level of natural energy (via our patented DFT patches), mental clarity and offer significant weight management support. I dont know what it will do for you but I am excited to share it with you!

New never before thrivers!

Be Somebody’s Hero for Life. Donate Plasma! You Could Earn Up To $400 a Month! 18-64 Years of Age Valid Picture ID Be in Good Health Proof of Social Security Number Proof of Current Residence Postmarked Within Last 30 Days 917 W Jefferson St Springfield, IL 62702 217-523-4889 Bring this ad and receive a $5 bonus when you complete your first donation!

warm up with these hot lunches!

Join us Tues-Fri from 4-6pm to enjoy drink specials and $5 appetizers after a hard day's work.

Drink & Appetizer Specials

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